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Below are some of the many services ESSR provides the UMD community. We also provide consultation on many different topics.


ESSR offers a large variety of classroom and online training. All training is free to UMD faculty, staff and students unless otherwise noted. You can see the training by logging into the SciShield Training Course Directory

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SciShield (formerly BioRAFT)

SciShield (formerly BioRAFT) manages safety inspections, training, and Institutional Biosafety Committee protocol submissions. ESSR has instructions to help you set up or manage your laboratory or department information.

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Service Request

Service requests from Auxiliary-funded organizations, Construction, renovation, demolition or real estate transaction/development activities, Non-University Users, and State-funded organizations requiring services that are outside ESSR’s Core Services and/or exceed the scope of services normally provided.


Regulated Waste Pickup Request

Chemical, Biological and Radioactive Waste Pickup Requests


Hot Works Permit

Hot Work is any activity that creates heat, flame, sparks, or smoke. Examples of Hot Work include but are not limited to: Welding (gas or arc), Cutting, Grinding, Brazing, Soldering, use of Open Flame Heaters in Buildings, and Hot Tar Operations.

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Work-Related Injury

If you are injured while working and require medical attention, it is recommended that you go to the University of Maryland Health Center or nearby care who accepts workers' compensation for immediate care. Injury report forms must be completed as soon as possible by the employee, supervisor, and witnesses to the injury.

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General Liability Insurance

URMIA TULIP was designed to provide low cost general liability insurance to users of University facilities through an on-line purchasing process. As such, coverage may not be available for all event types. Use of this program is not a guarantee for insurance.

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Insurance Claims

ESSR handles insurance claims for State Property Loss or Damagedamage to personal property (tort claims), and state motor vehicles. If your personal vehicle was damaged by a state vehicle ESSR will also assist you.

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Anyone on the University of Maryland, College Park Campus, or Satellite Facilities who works with radioactive materials (RAM) or radiation producing equipment may need to be assigned dosimetry. People who work with particle accelerators, neutron sources or the nuclear reactor need neutron dosimetry. 

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Radioactive Material Procurement

Radiation Safety, working with authorized users,  is responsible for procuring radioactive material from vendors.  Material is ordered through Radiation Safety and received by Radiation Safety.  Radiation Safety assigns a tracking number to the material, and surveys the package for contamination prior to delivering it to the authorized user's laboratory.

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Shipping Radioactive Material

Radiation Safety helps authorized users ship radioactive material to other licensed organizations, federal institutes, and approved locations across the world.  Radiation Safety staff is trained bi-annually in the inter-agency regulations required for shipping radioactive material.  We help package, label, and survey your material and ensure that it is sent safely and legally.


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Autoclave Registration / Decommissioning

ESSR will coordination autoclave registration / decommissioning with the State of Maryland. Notify ESSR of new autoclaves or autoclaves you will be decommissioning.

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Environmental Affairs

  • Environmental Permitting
  • Environmental Compliance Assurance Program Development & Implementation
  • Multimedia Environmental Program Audits
  • Multimedia Environmental Sampling / Testing
  • Multimedia Environmental Compliance Training Program Development
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Safety Data Sheets

OSH maintains the university’s on campus chemical list and information by administering the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) database for each unit, which is to be used by the shared campus community and for emergency response purposes.


Respirator Fit Testing

OSH provides employees with annual Qualitative (QL) or Quantitative (QN) fit tests to ensure use of mandatory tight-fitting respirators seal to the wearer’s face in order to provide expected protection.


Indoor Air Quality Assessment

OSH is committed to providing a work environment free of recognized hazards and investigate concerns which may be related to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). OSH provides consultations, conducts IAQ surveys, prepares written reports and develops scopes of work for removal of any such hazards.


Certificate of Insurance


Fire Evacuation Drill


Emergency Eyewash Test Records & Emergency Response Guides

Available at Chem Stores

Satellite Communicator Rental


Emergency Spill Response

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Laboratory Waste Cleanouts


Laboratory Chemical Stock Relocation (On & Off Campus)


Property Acquisition / Divestment Due Diligence Support


Decontamination / Remediation


Hazardous Materials Assessments

OSH conducts assessments for the hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, silica, mercury, PCBs) that impact building use, renovation or demolition. Surveys and sampling range from visual screening to regulatory-mandated sampling and analysis to help develop plans for management or removal.

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Plan Review

OSH provides technical assistance in the identification and abatement of hazardous conditions and materials in future and existing structures as part of project planning and design. Such plan reviews ensure building designs meet all regulatory standards and codes.

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Hearing Conservation

OSH, in conjunction with the Health Center, administer the Hearing Conservation Program providing several services to protect employees with occupational noise exposure. Services include noise exposure monitoring, annual audiometric testing, training and PPE selection.

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