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UMD Campus from above


Executive Director

Portrait of Maureen Kotlas

Maureen Kotlas

Executive Director


Portrait of Scott Lupin

Scott Lupin

Associate Director
Portrait of Greg Douglass

Greg Douglass

IT Systems Manager
Portrait of Karol Salisbury

Karol Salisbury

Assistant Director
Portrait of Nicolle Carter

Nicolle Carter

Program Management Specialist

Environmental Affairs

Portrait of Jason Baer

Jason Baer

Assistant Director, Environmental Affairs
Portrait of Kevin Curtis

Kevin Curtis

Regulated Waste Program Manager
Portrait of Kaitlyn Peterson

Kaitlyn Peterson

Environmental Specialist
Portrait of Samantha Brodsky

Samantha Brodsky

Environmental Specialist
Portrait of Garpue Cephas

Garpue Cephas

Portrait of Elliott Keith

Elliott Keith

Environmental Specialist

Fire Marshal's Office

Portrait of Alan Sactor

Alan Sactor

Assistant Director, Fire Marshal
Portrait of Luisa Ferreira

Luisa Ferreira

Assistant Fire Marshal
Portrait of Keith Lippincott

Keith Lippincott

Chief Fire Protection Engineer
Portrait of William Guffey

William Guffey

Senior Deputy Fire Marshal
Portrait of Matthew A. Hicks

Matthew A. Hicks

Assistant Fire Marshal
Portrait of Jessimay Llaneta

Jessimay Llaneta

Fire Protection Engineer
Portrait of Evan McMullen

Evan McMullen

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer
Portrait of John Beck

John Beck

Deputy Fire Marshal
Portrait of Jeffrey Shirey

Jeffrey Shirey

Deputy Fire Marshal
Portrait of Michael Bashore

Michael Bashore

Fire Protection Engineer / Deputy Fire Marshal
Portrait of Derrick Johnson

Derrick Johnson

Deputy Fire Marshal
Portrait of Steven Toth

Steven Toth

Deputy Fire Marshal
Portrait of Ed Fuzy

Ed Fuzy

Deputy Fire Marshal

Research Safety

Assistant Director, Research Safety

Portrait of Mary Dorman

Mary Dorman

Assistant Director, Research Safety

Lab Safety

Portrait of Miriam Sharp

Miriam Sharp

Laboratory Safety Manager and Chemical Hygiene Officer
Portrait of Jessica Snyder

Jessica Snyder

Industrial Hygienist
Portrait of Jonathan Robertson

Jonathan Robertson

Assistant Program Director - Universities at Shady Grove
Portrait of Dmitry Akmal

Dmitry Akmal

Research Safety Specialist

Biological Safety

Portrait of Sherry Bohn

Sherry Bohn

Biosafety Officer
Portrait of Amanda Perlman

Amanda Perlman

Animal Safety Program Manager
Portrait of Marissa Painter

Marissa Painter

Biosafety Specialist
Portrait of Jamie Pope

Jamie Pope

IBC Quality Assurance Specialist

Radiation Safety

Portrait of Alan Jacobson

Alan Jacobson

Radiation Safety Officer
Portrait of Steven Hand

Steven Hand

Health Physicist
Portrait of Edward Case

Edward Case

Senior Health Physicist
Portrait of Clay Nuquist

Clay Nuquist

Health Physicist
Portrait of Ryan Muldoon

Ryan Muldoon

Radiation Safety Specialist
Portrait of Micheal Owens

Micheal Owens

Assistant RSO - UMCES

Diving and Boat Safety

Portrait of AK Williams

AK Williams

Dive Safety Officer

Risk Management

Risk Management

Portrait of Katharine Peeling

Katharine Peeling

Assistant Director, Risk Management
Portrait of Andreas Dangin

Andreas Dangin

Liabilities & Property Manager
Portrait of Phyllis Dailey

Phyllis Dailey

Workers' Compensation Manager
Portrait of Hector Prieto

Hector Prieto

Insurance Coordinator
Portrait of Cathy Baldwin

Cathy Baldwin

Program Management Specialist for Risk

Occupational Safety & Health

Portrait of Vacant - OSH Manager

Vacant - OSH Manager

Manager, Occupational Safety & Health
Portrait of Michael Stumpo

Michael Stumpo

Occupational Safety & Health Coordinator
Portrait of Elena Johnson

Elena Johnson

Safety Specialist


Portrait of Scott Lupin

Scott Lupin

Associate Director
Portrait of Sally DeLeon

Sally DeLeon

Senior Project Manager
Portrait of Tanvi Gadhia

Tanvi Gadhia

Outreach Coordinator
Portrait of Emily Hightower

Emily Hightower

Portrait of Taylor Brinks

Taylor Brinks

Sustainability Coordinator
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