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State Property Loss or Damage

Procedure for Insurance Recovery of Loss or Damages to Property

  1. Upon discovery of damaged property, notify emergency responders and protect the property from further damage if safe to do so.
  2. Notify the Office of Risk Management, Insurance Services at (301) 405-3960, immediately or within 24 hours following discovery of damages or loss. Use the University of Maryland Property Loss Claim Form to assist your reporting of loss or damage.
  3. For repair or replacement of damaged property, departments/units may issue Purchase Orders or use Procurement Cards, depending on the amount.
  4. Follow Procurement procedures for repairs requiring competitive bids.
  5. The UMD department/unit is responsible for paying the invoice when repairs/replacements are considered acceptable by the UMD department/unit.
  6. Be sure to include the claim number on all correspondence.
  7. Submit proof of payment to Risk Management/Insurance Services as soon as it is received. 
    Do not wait until everything is finished. The faster all proof is sent, the faster the claim can be processed. 
  8. Submit paid invoice(s), Purchase Orders and P-Card statements via mail to: 
    ESSR, Seneca Building #812, 4716 Pontiac Street, Suite 0103, College Park, MD 20742  ATTN: Insurance Services     Or scan and email to:
  9. The STO reimburses the University for covered losses. 
  10. Risk Management/Insurance Services will send the proof of the paid invoice(s) to the STO.
  11. Once all acceptable documentation is received, the STO will determine if the claim will be reimbursed. 
  12. Risk Management/Insurance Services will notify and reimburse the UMD department/unit via a Journal Voucher. 
  13. Reimbursement is typically available in a few weeks.
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