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ESSR provides the UMD community advise and expertise in many different areas. Below are some of the areas of consultation we provide. We also provide variety of services to the UMD community.

Risk Management & Insurance

The Office of Risk Management is available for consultation to help identify and mitigate liability risks that may interfere with a unit’s ability to accomplish their mission. We can assist with reviewing insurance language and indemnity provisions within contracts. We can provide proof of UMD insurance coverage when required in written agreements. For consultations or risk management concerns, please contact  



Fire Code Concern

Fire Marshal will investigate to determine if there is a fire code issue. If there is an issue, we will work with UMD community to resolve.


Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Placement


Fire Evacuation Planning

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Hazard Assessments

The Office of Research Safety is available to help researchers navigate the hazards and risks associated with their research. research. We can review research plans and facilities in advance of commencing work to ensure the space is appropriate for the agents/hazards to be used. We can review SOPs and discuss appropriate controls that can be used to address any hazards. For Office of Research Safety consultative assistance with biological research concerns contact, for radiation safety concerns contact, for all other hazards contact

Reproductive and Other Health Hazard Consultations

The Office of Research Safety works in concert with the University Health Center to help researchers navigate how their research may impact their health. The University Health Center provides a consultation with an Occupational Health Physician to discuss any medical impacts while the ORS can provide suggestions on how to best protect yourself within the research environment. There are Reproductive Health Concerns and General Health Hazard Concerns online consultation request forms on the UHC Occupational Health website. For Office of Research Safety consultative assistance with selecting appropriate controls in your research areas specialized groups within ORS are ready to help. For biological research concerns contact, for radiation safety concerns contact, for chemical and all other hazard concerns contact

New Principal Investigator, Laboratory Relocation, and Laboratory Closure Consultations

The Office of Research Safety is ready to help researchers throughout the life-cycle of research operations. We can provide guidance to Principal Investigators related to setting up new research spaces, moving research spaces, or winding down of research operations. For Office of Research Safety consultative assistance with biological research concerns contact, for radiation safety concerns contact, for all other hazards contact

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

The Laboratory Safety Group provides industrial hygiene services, including air monitoring and noise dosimetry, for research activities where there are concerns about exposure to hazardous materials or processes that cannot be mitigated by existing controls.


Equipment and Space Biological Decontamination Consultations

The Biosafety Group can recommend methods for decontaminating equipment that is to be moved or decommissioned, or needs to be remediated following a spill event (specialized equipment may require consultation with the manufacturer). We can provide vendor information related to VHP decontamination of biosafety cabinets and animal isolators.


Shipping Infectious Substances

The Biosafety Group can assist PIs in determining if their materials require special packaging and shipping. We can assess the material and categorize it according to IATA/DOT regulations, recommend packaging containers, and in certain cases, the Biosafety Group may assist with packaging and shipping of biohazardous materials. We also offer the Shipping Hazardous Substances - Infectious Agents, Dry Ice & GMO (Class 6.2 & Class 9) training every other month to enable PIs and their staff to serve as certified shippers for their laboratory.


Environmental Affairs

  • Fuel Burning Equipment Specification / Purchasing
  • Installation of oil storage tanks and oil-containing equipment
  • Research Grant Review (Environmental Requirements)
  • Holistic Multimedia Environmental Compliance Program Development & Management
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Stormwater Management

  • Sewer & Stormwater Discharges
  • Stormwater Protection / Best Management Practice Implementation
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Ergonomic Evaluation

OSH provides individual workplace Ergonomic Evaluations and/or Workstation Evaluations to design the workplace to better fit the employees’ needs. Ergonomic training and the Self Evaluation Checklist is also provided by OSH.


Indoor Air Quality Assessments

OSH is committed to providing a work environment free of recognized hazards and investigate concerns which may be related to indoor air quality (IAQ). OSH provides consultations, conducts IAQ surveys, prepares written reports and develops scopes of work for removal of any such hazards.


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PPE Assessments

OSH collaborates with all departments in determining if workplace hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the selection of the proper forms of such PPE.

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Hazard Communication

OSH provides various consultations regarding Chemical Safety, including proper handling and storage, inventory upkeep, correct labeling, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) evaluations to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Modification (Mod) Program

OSH stewards the OSH Mod program as a way to further evaluate hazards and identify mitigation measure to accomplish a hazard free environment for employees and students. The OSH Mod program targets infrastructure improvements within UMD organizations.

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Job Hazard Analysis

OSH assists in the development of a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to identify hazards before they occur and ideally, eliminate or reduce them. Working in conjunction with campus supervisors and workers, JHAs are developed to focus on the relationship between the worker, the task, the tools and the work environment.

Incident Investigation

OSH, in conjunction with department supervisors, assists in the investigation of university incidents to identify root causes and determine and implement corrective actions.

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