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Asbestos Minerals


University of Maryland's Asbestos Inventory is managed by Occupational Safety and Health staff. If there is renovation work planned, place a work order in the charge-back system for a pre-construction hazard assessment. 

The Asbestos Abatement Inventory Correction Form must be completed by contractors immediately after removal of asbestos-containing materials in UMD facilities and submitted to Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk through the UMD Project Manager.

University workers or ex-workers who document that they intentionally conducted asbestos-disturbing work (removal, encapsulation, or other activities that are currently restricted to authorized Level II employees), or who were in the immediate area while such work was conducted, are eligible for enrollment into the Asbestos Medical Surveillance Program for Previous Exposure.

Additional information is available in our Asbestos Fact Sheet and Asbestos Management Fact Sheet. The Asbestos Fact Sheet is also available in spanish.

The FY17 Asbestos Management Plan is available.