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Regulated Waste


Waste pickups and container deliveries are experiencing severe delays. The delay is a result of ongoing construction and maintenance work at the Environmental Service Building (#344).

Due to the construction activity and the necessary safety precautions being implemented, the Environmental Service Building (#344) is currently operating with limited capacity, causing significant disruptions to waste management services in the area.

In the meantime, we kindly request your cooperation and patience. If your waste submission or container delivery has been affected, we ask that you allow up to three weeks before contacting us about your submission. Rest assured, our team will prioritize addressing the backlog and will reach out to you as soon as your request can be processed.

Due to staffing and operational limitations, please allow 5–10 business days for approved waste submissions to be picked up. 

Items improperly stored, tagged, or labeled will not be picked up and will need to be resubmitted once corrected.

Contact us at if you are planning on doing any lab cleanouts.

Please ensure you are using the correct chemical waste tag

Select the type of waste you wish to submit.

Chemical Waste

Chemical Waste

Request a Chemical Waste Pickup

You are required to take Hazardous Waste Generator training annually

You must attach an UMD Hazardous Waste green tag to the container. If a UMD Hazardous Waste green tag is not attached to each container, ESSR will not pickup the waste.

Universal Waste

Universal Waste

Fluorescent lamps and paint that are associated with a construction or renovation project please submit a Service Request.

Request a Chemical Waste Pickup for Lead-acid batteries, Used Pesticides, Mercury Thermostats, PCB-containing Lamp Ballasts and Paint.

All other batteries go into battery recycling bins located around campus.

Request an Empty Container

Use this form if you are not submitting a waste pickup request and need an empty container for your regulated waste.

Other Regulated Waste Services

A service request can be placed for:

  • regulated waste removal, processing, transportation and disposal associated with laboratory/building clean-outs; quantities and items that exceed normal generation rates
  • regulated waste removal from construction, renovation, demolition and real estate projects
  • pickup, characterization and disposal of any unknown waste chemical or gas cylinder

NOTE: Regulations prohibit ESSR from collecting and disposing hazardous and universal waste from Non-University Users

How Do I Properly Manage My Waste?

A common question ESSR receives is where can I put my waste? Can it be poured down the drain or placed in the trash can? 

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How to Handle Hazardous Waste

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Incompatible Chemicals

Some substances may react violently with one another and must be kept apart.

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Radioactive Waste Fact Sheet

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Hazardous Waste: Common Hazardous Wastes

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Hazardous Waste Management Fact Sheet

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Biological, Pathological or Medical Waste Disposal Fact Sheet

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