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Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) provides support and consultation regarding the risks naturally encountered in the course of the research, service, and teaching mission of the university.  The ORM works to reduce the chance and severity of loss to the university’s human resources, physical property, financial and reputational assets. This is accomplished through identification of these hazards and development of controls.  Both traditional and progressive programs are utilized by Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Worker’s Compensation, and Risk Management/Insurance to accomplish this goal.

The University of Maryland is a self-insured agency of the State of Maryland for Liability and Property Coverage. The State self-insures a significant portion of its exposures and maintains the State Insurance Trust Fund to pay claims and the costs associated with handling those claims. Self-insurance coverage includes State-owned real and personal property, vehicles, and liability claims covered under the Maryland Tort Claims Act.

The University of Maryland is also self-insured for Workers’ Compensation. Worker’s Compensation coverage is not provided by the State Treasurer’s Office. Worker’s Compensation is self-insured and the plan is administered by Chesapeake Employers'
Insurance Company, formerly IWIF..

To File Claims

The Insurance Division's Claims Unit is responsible for handling claims filed against the State, its agencies, and its employees. Notice of Claim forms are available under the Insurance Forms page.

There are several ways to contact the State as described below:

Maryland State Treasurer's Office
Insurance Division

80 Calvert Street, Room 109
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Fax: 410-974-2865

The State will assign an adjuster who will be in contact regarding the necessary steps to investigate and process the claim.


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