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Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) provides risk management expertise, resources, and a variety of insurance solutions to positively impact the university’s financial, physical and reputational well-being. We engage in collaboration and consultation to identify strategies to capitalize on opportunities to support the university’s mission.

Workers' Compensation

The University of Maryland is self-insured for Workers’ Compensation and the plan is administered by IWIF, a division of Chesapeake Employers'
Insurance Company.

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The University of Maryland is a self-insured agency of the State of Maryland for Liability and Property Coverage. The State self-insures a significant portion of its exposures and maintains the State Insurance Trust Fund to pay claims and the costs associated with handling those claims. Self-insurance coverage includes State-owned real and personal property, vehicles, and liability claims covered under the Maryland Tort Claims Act.

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Camps and Youth Programs

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Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy

The TULIP is a Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy, also known as "Events Coverage". It is used by institutions who permit "third parties" to use their facilities for specific events. It protects both the Facility User and the Institution against claims by third parties who may be injured or lose property as a result of participating in an event. Events may range from very low risk events such as classroom seminars, receptions or weddings to higher risk events including camps, sports events or rock concerts.

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Occupational Safety & Health

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Travel Safety

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