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Fire Marshal's Office

Fire Marshal

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) works to protect life and property from the hazard of fire and explosion.  The OFM is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for UMD in the areas of construction plan review, fire inspections, fire investigations, and public education.

About the Office of the Fire Marshal

The Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for: managing the University's compliance with the State Fire Prevention Code and other applicable fire safety laws and standards; providing fire safety education and training; investigating all fires that occur on University property; and performing plan review and construction inspections. Life safety is the primary objective of the fire safety program. UMD Fire Marshals are delegated fire prevention and investigation authority by the Maryland State Fire Marshal.

Programs include: fire exit drills; fire safety education for students, faculty, and staff; fire inspections of campus buildings and public assembly events, emergency procedure planning and training, fire data analysis, code consultation, general fire safety issue consultation, coordination and issuance of required permits, fire/arson investigations, AED/CPR/first aid training, management of the UMD AED program.

Hard hat and blueprints

Plan Review

The Fire Marshal's Office provides construction plan review and associated inspection services for structures owned or operated by the University of Maryland, on property owned by University of Maryland, and for campuses served by the UMD Service Center (includes Bowie State University, UMES, Salisbury University, Universities at Shady Grove, UMUC, Frostburg State University). Projects and facilities are designed and constructed in accordance with the State Fire Prevention Code, the Maryland Building Performance Standards, and other applicable regulations. UMD projects are also designed in accordance with the Design Criteria and Facilities Standards (DCFS) Manual.

Off Campus Housing

Fire Safety in Off-Campus Housing

For information on fire prevention, evacuation and questions to ask before signing a rental agreement, visit:

For information on fire safety in housing abroad:, visit:

Automated external defibrillator (AED)

The University Fire Marshal’s Office acts as the administrator for the University of Maryland Public Access AED program. 

An AED is a medical device that analyzes the heart rhythm of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest and delivers an electric shock to restore the heart rhythm to normal.


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Plan Review Supporting Documents

Holiday Fire Safety

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Office of Emergency Management and Business Continuity

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Life Safety Systems

Life safety systems (fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and generators) are serviced by Facilities Management Operations and Maintenance. To report problems call the Customer Response Center at (301) 405-2222.

College Park Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Suppression & Emergency Medical Services

Fire suppression (firefighting) and emergency medical services are provided by the Prince George's County Fire & EMS Department (PGFD). PGFD Station 12 is a University building which houses the College Park Volunteer Fire Department (CPVFD).

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