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Insurance Information for Students

What To Do If Personal Property Gets Damaged:

There may come a time while residing in your campus residence that an incident may occur that causes damage to your personal property. Personal property may include such things as computer equipment, stereo equipment, radio, TV, bedding, etc. Should your property become damaged you may file a Tort Claim with the State of Maryland through the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk. All claims are forwarded to the State Treasurer's Office in Annapolis, Maryland. A Notice of Claim form may be obtained from the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk website at or by calling (301) 405-3961 to have a claim form faxed or mailed, or you may drop by Seneca Building #812, 4716 Pontiac Street, Suite 0103 to speak to the Insurance Coordinator.

All claims are reviewed separately and reimbursement for damaged property is approved or denied by the State Treasurer's Office. Also, the Residence Hall/Dining Services Agreement states, "The University cannot and does not assume responsibility for personal accident, injury, or illness to residents, guests or visitors, or the damage, theft, or loss of personal property, and hereby releases the University, its officer, agents, and employees from any liability on account of any incident, injury, illness, property damage, theft, or loss." 
It is therefore prudent to ensure that valuable personal property be covered under your parents' homeowner's insurance policy or a renter's insurance policy in the event the State denies the claim.

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