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Course Field Trips

HikingField trips that are a part of coursework have unique challenges due to their size and function. Prior to planning a field trip, instructors should assess hazards associated with field activities and associated safety measures.

The activities, hazards, and safety measures should be communicated in writing to the students with at least two weeks advanced notice, to provide minors ample time to acquire parental permission, if necessary. We have a Field Trip Hazard Assessment form to help streamline this process. If possible the site should be scouted in advance to identify any site-specific hazards.

For trips where participation is voluntary, informed consent waivers for student participants are provided. This waiver is not applicable to trips where participation is mandatory.

In the case of students with disabilities that require academic accommodation, students are required to register with Disability Support Service. If a course has a planned field trip, it is essential that the trip details be mentioned in the syllabus at the start of the course so that the student and DSS have enough information and time to assess accommodation options.

Emergency Response for Field Trips

Call 911 in cases of emergency.

If injury or property damage occurs, contact Risk Management with questions regarding Workers' Compensation or the Tort Claims Act.

Report to ESSR all incidents, injuries, illnesses, and close calls related to your research activities as soon as possible using our online reporting forms.

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