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Ice Crevasse

All researchers should have access to a basic First Aid Kit in the field. Use our First Aid Checklist to make sure the first aid kit available in the field is adequately stocked.

Every researcher must also have a means of emergency communication. In areas with limited cell phone coverage, a radio or a satellite phone may be required.

Review the potential restrictions to taking equipment overseas on the Export Compliance Office Website. Travelers are advised to carry "clean laptops" that do not contain sensitive or proprietary technical information. If you are bringing a satellite phone, or carrying other high-tech equipment, utilize the Tools of the Trade exemption letter. This exemption is not available for travel to Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, or Sudan which have special sanctions restricting travel activities. If you need to visit any of these locations or have questions about shipping equipment to foreign locations, please contact the Export Compliance Office for more information.

Personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, hard hat, or a respirator may be required for your field work. Use our Hazard Fact Sheets to identify PPE required for specific situations or activities. Our office can provide guidance on selecting appropriate personal protective equipment and other safety gear. Note that researchers wearing a respirator must be enrolled in the Respirator Protection Program.

University property insurance covers all university equipment whether in the US, abroad, or en-route to or from a field destination. Please contact your department business office to make sure your equipment is listed on the university inventory. Turn in the University of Maryland Property Loss Claim Form to Risk Management within 30 days of the loss/damage.

Satellite Communicator Device Rental Program

The University of Maryland manages a Satellite Communicator Device Rental Program. We have three Garmin InReach SE+ and two Garmin InReach Mini communicator devices that are available to field researchers on a first come-first served basis, free of charge. The communicators are intended to serve as emergency communication devices in areas with unreliable cell phone coverage. Eligible trips must be university sponsored and research-related, approved by a PI and/or Department Chair.

UMD Garmin InReach Device Request Form

Once you submit a request, ESSR will reach out to inform you if a device is available, provide a user agreement for you to complete, and schedule a device pick-up/training meeting. 

The InReach units operate on the Iridium satellite network, with 100% global coverage when given a clear view of the sky. Each InReach device has unlimited use of the SOS feature and preset text messages. Use of SOS feature will trigger emergency response action via the International Emergency Response Coordination Center and report your GPS coordinates to local rescue authorities. Twenty additional non-preset text messages are also available with each rental. Text messages beyond this, GPS tracking, and weather updates are subject to overage fees. Contact if you feel your trip needs additional services including more expected use of non-preset text messages or GPS tracking information.

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