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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is the Maryland State statutory insurance program that provides medical and hospital treatment, partial income replacement benefits, and additional benefits to employees who sustain work-related injury or illness.

UMD is committed to the prompt and effective treatment and rehabilitation of employees injured on the job. In the event of a disabling work injury, UMD will attempt to return injured employees back to work in some capacity as soon as medically indicated. Suitable work is productive and useful to the University’s operations and complies with the employee’s medical restrictions allowing a safe return to work as quickly as possible.  Suitable transitional work allows the employee to progressively assume full, pre-injury duties.

NOTE: For additional health care information and treatment alternatives, see

Workers' Compensation Benefits

  • Medical Benefits
  • Wage Benefits
  • Modified and transitional duty
  • Vocational training
  • Permanent disability
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Frequently Asked Questions

Workers' Compensation FAQ sheet is available. The Workers' Compensation FAQ is also available in spanish.


IWIF Guide For The Injured Worker

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Form 300A

2022 Summary of Work-Related Injury and Illnesses  (You must be logged into an account to access)

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Secure Share

Please use UMD Secure Share to send all worker’s compensation claim documents, medical documents, and any documents with sensitive information. Secure Share is UMD’s secure way to send sensitive documents. Instructions are available.


First Report of Injury FormLooking for Forms?

Forms for reporting job-related injuries, including instructions and important definitions, are available online. The improved forms consist of a page to be completed by an injured employee, a page to be completed by their supervisor and another page to be completed by any witnesses.

  • All of the Report of Injury forms and instructions in Adobe's pdf format Includes the:
    • Employee Report of Injury
    • Supervisor Report of Injury
    • Witness Report of Injury
  • The Report of Injury is also available in Spanish


  • Employees no longer have the option of using sick leave when injured on the job. Employees who are eligible for accident leave must use accident leave.
  • Employees who are past the accident leave eligibility and need to be compensated with temporary total benefits (paid by IWIF), no longer have to exhaust their sick leave first.
  • Employees scheduled for a workers' compensation hearing or an independent medical evaluation (IME) may use release time, but no more than 4 hours and must indicate what the "release time" is for.
  • Sick leave is allowed for employees who fall into the category of temporary partial benefits (TPB). For example: employees who are past the accident leave time frame and are having recurring problems that require medical attention, but, need only hours off for doctors' appointments or physical therapy may opt to use their sick leave in lieu of TPB.

Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission

Frequently Asked Questions – from the website:

What is workers' compensation?

  • Workers' compensation is an insurance program established by State law that all employers having one or more employees, full or part-time, are required to have for the benefit of their employees.  With few exceptions, every employer in the State of Maryland with one or more employees is required by law to provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees.  An employer or employee cannot waive provisions of the Workers' Compensation Law.

What benefits are provided by this insurance?

  • To be covered under workers' compensation, an employee must have received an accidental personal injury while working ('on the job'). The injury must have arisen 'out of and in the course of employment' in the words of the law. Not all workplace injuries are compensable. If your injury is determined to be covered then the employer or the employer's insurance carrier will provide medical and hospital treatment and partial income replacement benefits until you can return to work or until you reach maximum medical improvement.

When should I report the accident?

  • You should report any accident to your employer immediately. A delay in reporting may affect your claim.

Certificate of Insurance for Workers’ Compensation

A certificate of insurance is a document requested by contractors and suppliers who do business with the University of Maryland. The purpose of the document is to confirm that the University has appropriate workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees.

As a state agency, the University of Maryland is self-insured for workers’ compensation. IWIF administers all State workers’ compensation claims. IWIF can provide confirmation of coverage (COC) on behalf of the University of Maryland upon request.

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