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Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety in Laboratories

The University of Maryland has developed the University of Maryland Chemical Hygiene Plan to ensure all laboratory personnel are informed about and protected from health and physical hazards associated with the handling, use, and storage of hazardous chemicals in laboratories.

To comply with the elements of the Chemical Hygiene Plan, laboratories must create detailed Standard Operating Procedures for all laboratory processes involving hazardous materials or processes. 

Standard Operating Procedure Template

ESSR has developed a series of fact sheets with general safety information for common hazardous chemicals and chemical classes. 

Acute Toxins

Air and Water Reactive

Carcinogens and Mutagens

Chemotherapeutic Drugs



Disposal of Outdated Chemicals-Potentially Explosive Compounds

Flammable Liquids

Incompatible Chemicals

Hydrofluoric Acid

Nitric Acid


Perchloric Acid

Peroxide-Forming Chemicals

Reproductive Toxins


The Chemical Hygiene Officer for the University of Maryland is Miriam Sharp (301-405-3960; 

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