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Current UMD Scientific Divers

It is the responsibility of the scientific diver to maintain active status by meeting requirements and filing paperwork in a timely fashion, whether or not reciprocity is needed.

To maintain active scientific diver status:

  • Submit a dive plan for any UMD scientific diving activity. A dive plan must also be turned in to the DSO before requesting reciprocity to dive with another institution.
  • Submit a Vessel Operations Float Plan for any UMD scientific diving activity that involves boating.
  • Keep your First aid, CPR, and oxygen provider training current as per the training agencies.
  • Scientific divers must log a minimum of 12 dives per year, with at least one dive in a six-month period. In addition, maintaining depth certifications beyond 60 ft. requires at least one dive in a six-month period to a depth near that certification level.
  • Submit dive logs to the DSO at the end of each month.
  • Renew diving physical every 5 years (if under 40 years old); every 3 years (40 and older); every 2 years (60 and older).
  • Successfully complete the HAZMAT Pressurized Cylinders online training every 3 years.
  • When gear is serviced for repairs or annual maintenance, please retain required documentation, which may be requested by the Dive Safety Office.
  • Report any diving injury or incident to the DSO as soon as possible.
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