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RSO #014

Departmental Procedure: RSO #014   Revised: August, 1991

Subject: Procedures For Radiation Producing Machines Compliance

Authority: Radiation Safety Officer


  1. Purpose. Personnel must be protected against ionizing and/or non-ionizing radiation hazards.


  2. Policy. All radiation producing machines shall be registered and certified (if required) by the State of Maryland Department of the Environment. When such a device has been introduced on campus, it shall be authorized by the University of Maryland Radiation Safety Committee, and registered and certified by the State prior to putting the equipment into operation. If the device is composed of more than one unit capable of producing radiation, each shall be registered separately. The process of registration and certification shall be conducted through the Radiation Safety Office.


  3. Procedures.


    1. Authorization, Certification, and Registration -


      1. The user shall obtain a written authorization from the Radiation Safety Committee before any radiation producing machine can commence operation. At the time of authorization, a request for registration and certification shall be prepared and submitted to the State by the Radiation Safety Office.


      2. A radiation survey shall be conducted by an independent inspector (through the Radiation Safety Office) to ensure the safety of personnel and that all radiation producing machines meet all the safety standards required by the State and the University.


    2. Radiation Survey -


      1. Ionizing Radiation:
        1. Radiation surveys shall be performed by the Radiation Safety Office:
          1. On all radiation producing machines on the request for authorization and renewal dates.


          2. When a part has been added to, or removed from a radiation producing machine.


        2. Each user shall conduct periodic radiation surveys to ensure the safety of all personnel. The frequencies of a radiation survey may vary depending on the use of the device.


        3. If a radiation producing machine is to be used after a period of inoperability, a radiation survey will be performed before returning the unit to normal operation.


        4. Whenever a user suspects or knows of a radiation leak, the Radiation Safety Office shall be notified immediately.


      2. Microwave:

        Microwave ovens will be surveyed by the Radiation Safety Office on request from the user.


      3. Lasers:

        Laser facilities will be surveyed whenever requested by the user. Users of laser equipment should be included in the Medical Evaluation Program for Laser Users provided by the Health Unit. Recommended program is included in the University of Maryland Laser Safety Manual available at the RSO.


      4. Responsibilities:

        Each Principal User is responsible for delegating responsibilities to competent and knowledgeable personnel in the facility. Personnel who work with radiation producing devices shall be aware of all safety requirements of State and University of Maryland. Each user is responsible for safe operation in his/her radiation producing facility.


      5. Monitoring:

        Depending on the nature of operation, personnel shall wear a body and/or wrist film badge. On occasion, the facility itself may be required to be monitored by film badges. The Radiation Safety Office is accessible to all personnel for inquiries about their exposure records.


      6. Status of Machine:

        . The Radiation Safety Office shall be informed beforehand of any relocation of a radiation producing machine.


      7. Emergency:

        In the event of an emergency, a user and/or other personnel shall follow Radiation Safety Office emergency procedures posted in the facility. In the event of injury involving radiation, it is imperative that the configuration of the device not be altered, so that accurate dose measurements may be taken. These measurements aid the physician in treatment, if required.

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