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Authorization Procedures

Departmental Procedure: RSO #009A   Revised: February, 1995

Subject: Authorization Procedures for Radiation Producing Equipment

Authority: Radiation Safety Officer


  1. Purpose. Users of radiation producing equipment must be approved by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC). This procedure prescribes the approval process.


  2. Policy.. The University of Maryland Radiation Safety Committee acts upon all new and renewal applications for possession and use of radiation producing equipment.


  3. Procedure.

    New Applicants:


    1. Issue the following information (handouts) upon receipt of a request for authorization to possess and use radiation producing equipment:
      1. Application Form (Print with a font size of 10)
      2. Training and Experience Form for Radiation Producing Devices
      3. Dosimetry Service Card [pdf format] [word format]
      4. Memo to new users (1) & (2)
      5. Radiation Safety Manual & Supplement
      6. Film Badge Information
      7. Licensing Procedure Flow Chart


    2. Action taken upon receipt of information from applicant:
      1. Check that items 1-12 on the application are satisfactorily completed.
      2. Check for proper signatures on the application.
      3. Check that the training and experience form is complete.
      4. After review of forms, contact the applicant if there are any questions which require further information.
      5. Prepare file and begin checklist of status of information.


    3. Contact applicant and set up appointment for pre-licensing survey inspection.
      1. Complete the pre-authorization and inspection forms.
      2. Make recommendations as necessary.


    4. Submit all forms to the Radiation Safety Officer or Radiation Safety Committee Chairman for interim approval.


    5. Issue Interim Authorization.
      1. Assign Authorization No. Check existing numbers and assign next number in sequence.
      2. Expiration date will be two years from the date of committee approval.
      3. Enter authorized use of equipment.
      4. If application is not approved, inform requestor of the reason and attempt to get any problems resolved.
      5. If approved, send a copy of the Interim Approval to user.


    6. Final Authorization.

      After review and approval by the Radiation Safety Committee, issue Authorization.


    7. Renewal Application.
      1. Two months prior to the expiration date of an authorization, send a renewal form to the principle investigator.
      2. Whether there are any changes requested or not, the renewal application information will be submitted to the RSC for approval.
      3. Timely renewal of authorization will be granted by the Radiation Safety Officer or RSC Chairman until the RSC committee meets.
      4. Upon approval by the committee, a new authorization must be issued. Change only the items noted on the renewal request.


    8. Amendments to an Authorization:
      1. Any changes or additions to an authorization must be requested in writing.
      2. The Radiation Safety Officer and/or the RSC Chairman can issue an Interim Approval for an amendment.
      3. The changes will be reviewed by the RSC for approval at the regular meeting.
      4. If approved by the committee, issue an amendment to the authorization.
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