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Instructions to Properly Prepare a Hazardous Waste Tag

Green Waste TagFederal and State regulations require that all Hazardous Waste containers be accurately identified. All containers containing Hazardous Waste must be tagged with a University of Maryland Hazardous Waste tag as soon as the hazardous waste is placed in the container. The Hazardous Waste tag must contain the chemical constituents (in standard English nomenclature) with their corresponding percentages. At least one waste characteristic must be checked. The Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk will not remove the Hazardous Waste without the Hazardous Waste tag.

The University of Maryland Hazardous Waste Tag are available at cost from Chemistry Stores.

Obtain Green Tags from

Chemistry Stores
0202 Chemistry Building
Telephone: (301) 405-1838
Item #: OS-0000

For additional information on how to obtain or fill out a green tag, you may contact ESSR at (301) 405-3990.

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