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Notice to Employees

Department of the Environment
Rad Control Division of Radiation Control
(410) 631-3300
2500 Broening Hwy. Baltimore, MD 21224
Night/Weekend (410) 243-8700

In part D of its Rules and Regulations, (COMAR The Maryland State Department of the Environment has established standards for your protection against radiation hazards. In Part J, DOE has established certain provisions for the options of workers engaged in work under an Agency License or Registration.

Your Employer's Responsibility -

  1. Apply these regulations to work involving sources of radiation.
  2. Post or otherwise make available to you, a copy of the Maryland State Department of the Environment regulations, licenses, notices of violations, and operating procedures which apply and explain their provisions to you.

Your Responsibility as a worker-

You should familiarize yourself with those provisions of the regulations and procedures which apply to the work you are engaged in. You should observe their provisions for your own protection and the protection of your co-workers.

What is covered by these regulations -

  1. Limits on exposure to radiation and radioactive material in restricted and unrestricted areas.
  2. Measures to be taken after accidental exposure.
  3. Personnel monitoring, surveys, and equipment.
  4. Caution signs, labels, and safety interlock equipment.
  5. Exposure records and reports.
  6. Options for workers regarding Agency inspections; and
  7. Related Matters.

Reports On Your Radiation Exposure History

  1. The regulations require that your employer give you a written report if you receive an exposure in excess of any applicable limit as set forth in the regulations or in the license. The basic limits for exposure to employees are set forth in Sections D.201, D.203, and D.204 of the regulations. These sections specify limits on exposure to radiation and exposure to concentrations of radioactive material in air and water.


  2. If you work where personnel monitoring is required:


    1. Your employer must give you a written report, upon termination of your employment, or your radiation exposure.
    2. Your employer must advise you annually of your exposure to radiation.

Inspections -

All licensed or registered activities are subject to inspection by representatives of the Maryland State Department of the Environment. In addition, any worker or representative of workers who believes that there is a violation of the Maryland Radiation Act, the regulations issued thereunder, or the terms of the employer's license or registration with regard to radiological working conditions in which the worker is engaged, may request an inspection by sending a notice of the alleged violation to the Maryland State Department of the Environment. The request must set forth the specific grounds for the notice, and must be signed by the worker or the representative of the workers. During inspections, Agency inspectors may confer privately with workers, and any worker may bring to the attention of the inspectors any past or present condition which he believes contributed to or caused any violation as described above.

Posting Requirement

Copies of this notice must be posted in a sufficient number of places in every establishment where employees are employed in activities licensed or registered, pursuant to Part B or Part C to permit employees working in or frequenting any portion of a restricted area to observe a copy on the way to or from their place of employment.

Location of Regulations and Records

Copies of all regulations, licenses, and personnel exposure record applicable to the use of radioactive materials, radiation producing sources and equipment are located in the University of Maryland Radiation Safety Office for your review.

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