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Teaching Labs

Laboratory work is a key component of many academic courses on campus. Maintaining a safe work environment for students and instructors is of the highest priority.  

We provide the following checklist to assist laboratory course instructors in meeting safety requirements and expectations in their courses.

Laboratory Instructor Safety Responsibilities Checklist

Teaching Assistant Training Requirements

Teaching assistants in laboratory sections with biological, chemical, or physical hazards present must complete the following training prior to teaching:

Laboratory Teaching Assistant Training 

New Laboratory Researcher Training (or New Laboratory Researcher Training for Undergraduates, as applicable)

Chemical Hygiene 

Laboratory Exposure Controls 

Optional Module: 

Fire Extinguisher Training 

Additional Resources

American Chemical Society Risk Assessment Tools

American Society for Microbiology Guidelines for Biosafety in Teaching Laboratories

Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories, Eighth Edition 

MilliporeSigma Safety Data Sheet Search

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