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Laboratory Warning Signs

Update 12/17/2020: 

The hazard warning signage information collection form is changing permanently in January 2021. The new Laboratory Hazard Warning Sign Request Form is available now for use and will be the only way to request updates or new signage starting in 2021. The physical signs and hazard warning icons will not be affected by this change. For more information, contact

  • Hazard Warning Signage System - is designed to fulfill regulatory signage requirements as well as alert lab users and visitors to specific hazards located in individual laboratories.
  • Supplemental sign for BSL2 animal rooms
  • Conditions for removal of biohazard symbol
    • All cultures, samples and biological waste have been removed from the laboratory.
    • All cultures have been removed from storage in freezers and refrigerators.
    • Laboratory benches, floors and equipment have been surface disinfected by lab personnel using effective disinfectant.
    • PI does not plan to use the laboratory for BSL2 level research within the foreseeable future.
    • PI has requested inactivation of his/her research registrations involving BSL2 agents
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