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Autoclave / Steam Generator Installation Requirements

Any new, used or relocated boiler, pressure vessel (e.g. autoclave and steam generator), or piping installation shall be in accordance with the State of Maryland Boiler Rules and Regulations - Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers (CSD-1). The Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk (ESSR) will serve as a liaison between the chief boiler inspector from the State and the UMD department that owns the equipment.

In order to comply with the regulation, the person responsible for the equipment within the UMD department that owns the equipment must ensure the following procedures:

  1. Notice of Installation: Send a written notice to ESSR at least 30 days prior to the installation of the equipment with the following information:
    1. Department acquiring the equipment. Name, address, telephone number, and fax number of a contact person.
    2. Building number and room number where the equipment is going to be installed.
    3. Contact name, room and office phone number.
    4. Type of equipment (e.g. autoclave or steam generator).
    5. Manufacturer's name, model and serial number; and National Board registration number; and
    6. Tentative date of installation.

    Also assure that the installer of the autoclave (and boiler if included with the autoclave) sends the State of Maryland Notice of Installation form to the Maryland Chief Boiler Inspector at least 30 days before the installation of the equipment.

    Send the information via campus mail to Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk,  Biological Safety Office, Seneca Building #812 4716 Pontiac Street, Suite 0103, via fax to (301) 314-9294 or via email to

  2. Equipment Safety Devices: The following safety devices must be incorporated into the equipment design:
    • Electric emergency switch at the access door to the room.
    • Low water cutoff control with manual reset.
    • High-pressure limit switch with manual reset.
    • Bottom blowdown tank or tempering system that will function to reduce the blowdown water temperature to 150°F or less and 5 psi or less, prior to entering a sanitary sewer or drain system.

    Note: UMD department that owns the equipment should not accept a new steam generator or autoclave unless these safety devices are installed. The State will not approve the operation of this equipment if any of the safety devices are not installed. Before sending a requisition to Purchasing, make sure the installation will comply with these safety requirements.

    The units should have clearance space of 3 feet around it.

  3. Inspection: After the installation or relocation of a new or used unit, and before receiving the work, contact ESSR at (301) 405-3960 to coordinate an inspection with the State boiler inspector. In order to be prepared for the inspection, the department responsible for the unit has to ensure access to the unit, enough clearance space around the unit, and that it is running at the pressure that it will regularly be operated.

    The following are the inspection requirements:

    Initial inspection. This inspection has to be conducted once a new or used unit is installed or relocated. This inspection has to be done before the UMD department responsible for the equipment accepts the installation work from any of the parties involved.

    The chief boiler inspector will ensure that the equipment complies with applicable regulations. The inspector will issue a report containing the results of the inspection and any necessary recommendations to correct deficiencies. ESSR will forward the report to the UMD department responsible for the equipment.

    Once the initial inspection is conducted and the equipment is approved, the State will issue a certificate of operation. ESSR will receive this certificate, and a copy of it will be posted in a visible place near the equipment.

    Annual inspections. Following the initial approval, ESSR will contact the department responsible for the equipment to schedule a bi-annual inspection of autoclaves and annual inspection of steam generators. Based on the inspection, the chief boiler inspector will issue a report containing the results of the inspection, and any necessary recommendations to correct deficiencies. Once the corrections have been made the State will renew the certificate of operation of the equipment.

If a department decides to relocate, sell, remove or dispose of a unit, they are required to inform ESSR about that action. The equipment that is moved and reinstalled shall comply with the requirements for new installations in effect when the move occurs.


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