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Universal Waste

Waste that requires special management practices because of their high-generation volume and the waste's potential to be associated with hazardous waste.


  • Used Fluorescent Lamps
  • Non-leaking Batteries
  • Used Pesticides
  • Mercury Thermostats
  • PCB-containing lamp ballasts

All Universal Waste is managed and disposed of through ESSR. Universal Waste Training is available online. Contact the Environmental Affairs section for assistance or guidance. (5-3990)


Packaging Guidelines

If Disposing:Then:

Used Fluorescent Lamps
  1. All used fluorescent lamps must be enclosed in a cardboard box. Each container must be taped closed to prevent breakage and spillage.
  2. Used lamps are stored in the locked "Universal Waste" trailer at Environmental Services Facility (Building 344). The drop off times are Tuesday 9-11 a.m. and Wednesday 1-3 p.m. 003.
    • Do NOT leave lamps or boxes outside the trailer; all lamps must be stored in the trailer.
    • If you observe broken lamps within the trailer, call ESSR at extension (301) 405-3990 for clean-up.
  3. Empty boxes for used fluorescent lamps are available in the "Empty Containers" storage trailer, located in the FM compound.
  4. Each container of used fluorescent lamps must be labeled and visible with the following: Used Lamps
    Accumulation Start Date: _____________
    Building #: __________________
    Number of Bulbs in container: __________________
  5. Copies of above container label information may be downloaded at
  6. University personnel who handle/manage Universal Waste must be trained. Training is available online at or request classroom training by calling 53990.

Batteries, Used Pesticides, Mercury Thermostats, PCB-containing Lamp Ballasts
  1. These waste items will be managed as Chemical Waste.
  2. Please reference the Chemical Waste Disposal Guidelines for packaging and disposal.

Universal Waste
Assistance ESSR (301) 405-3990
Customer Response Center (301) 405-2222

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