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Hand Protection


Hand protection is available to protect against cut/punctures, abrasions, thermal burns, vibration, chemical exposures, and electrical shock. There is not a single glove that will protect from all hazards. Selection of gloves must be based on the hazards that are present, the job task, work conditions, and the duration of use. Gloves to be used to protect against the effects of chemical use should be selected based on each manufacturer’s glove selection charts. Do not assume that the protection offered by one manufacturers’ glove will apply to all types of similar gloves. The protection of each glove is based on the manufacturing processes and glove thickness. Consult the Personal Protective Equipment Program and Personal Protective Equipment Factsheet for more information on hand protection and other forms of personal protective equipment.

Glove Chemical Resistance Guides

Glove chemical resistance guides to help you choose disposable gloves to wear during different processes:

Instructions for the safe removal of contaminated gloves

step 1Pull one glove near your wrist towards your finger tips until the glove folds over. 
step 2Carefully grab the fold and pull towards your finger tips. As you pull you are turning the inside of the glove outwards. 
step 3Pull the fold until the glove is almost off. 
step 4To avoid contamination of your environment, continue to hold the removed glove. Completely remove your hand from the glove. 
step 5Slide your a finger from you glove free hand under the remaining glove. Continue to slide your finger towards your finger tips until almost half of your finger is under the glove. 
step 6Turn you finger 180 degrees and pull the glove outwards and towards your finger tips. As you do this, the first glove will be encased in the second glove. The inside of the second glove will also be turned outwards. 
step 7Grab the gloves firmly, by the uncontaminated surface (the side that was originally touching your hand). Release your grasp of the first glove you removed. Pull your second hand free from its glove. Dispose of the gloves properly.