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Environmental, Safety and Health Committee Structure Fact Sheet


Two major E,S&H Committees operate at UM. The Committees are utilized to provide input from all affected schools on University E,S&H policy as well as direct the Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk's activities. The two committees are the E,S&H Policy Committee and the E,S&H Operations Committee.

Applicable University Policy


University of Maryland Environmental, Safety and Health Management Policy

Summary of Requirements

The E,S&H Policy Committee includes several Vice Presidents and Deans. The Committee approves E,S&H policies and strategies for the entire University. The Committee members include:

  • Scott Angle, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Neil Blough, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Anne Bowden, Legal
  • Health Center (vacant)
  • Steve Edwards, Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
  • John Farley
  • Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk (vacant)
  • Robert Infantino, College of Life Sciences
  • Sam Joseph, Microbiology
  • Dennis O' Connor, Graduate School
  • Division of Administration (vacant)
  • Richard Stimpson, Student Affairs

The E,S&H Operations Committee examines operational issues and recommends policies to the Policy Committee. The Committee members include:

  • Frank Allnut, College of Agriculture
  • Office of Facilities Management (vacant)
  • Jon Dooley, Residential Facilities
  • Timothy Falkinburg, Computer and Math
  • Bill Grubb, Engineering
  • Health Center (vacant)
  • Environmental Safety (vacant)
  • Samuel Joseph, Microbiology
  • Bill Maynard, Dining Services
  • Kathryn Nepote, Lab Animal Care Facility
  • William Olen, Architecture Engineering and Construction
  • Sr. Maureen Schrimpe, Dining Services

Written 5/98
Revised 5/03
Reviewed 3/04

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