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Chemical Response Kit

Chemical Response Spill Kit

Do you need a chemical response spill kit? or Do you need to replace items in your spill kit?

Below you will find the information you need to order a chemical response kit or replenish your kit from the University of Maryland Chemistry Stores. For more information see the Chemistry Stores website.

Part # Unit Description
EA Bags Bags, Hazardous Waste Disposal
PK Booms, Absorbent 3" x 4', 2/PK
EA Chemical Response Kit
PK Gloves, Flock Lined
EA Goggles, Safety
OS0-000 PK Labels, Hazardous Waste, 4x6 Vinyl
PK Pads, Absorbent - Treated 10/PK
PK Tags, Hazardous Waste, Tie-on 25/PK
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