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Adult and Child CPR, AED, and First Aid

This National Safety Council Adult and Child CPR, AED, and First Aid is given by NSC trained ESSR Employees and certification cards are printed for attendees. Retraining is required every two years. There is a cost of $80.00 per attendee which will be set up through jv transfer (Class size is limited and there will be a charge for no shows).  UMD students who do not have a KFS number may pay by check.  The class is open only to UMD faculty, staff and students. 
For additional information,  contact Luisa Ferreira (, 301.405.3969) or Matthew Hicks (, 301.405.4193)

Contact Luisa Ferreira to arrange for a class presented in Spanish for a group of at least 10.

National Safety Council curso de primeros auxilios, RCP & DEA es presentado por empleados de ESSR certificados por NSC y se imprimen tarjetas de certificación para los asistentes. Se requiere volver a entrenar cada dos años. Hay un costo de $ 80.00 por cada asistente.  La clase está abierta solo para la facultad, el personal y los estudiantes de UMD.  Para organizar una clase presentada en español a un grupo de al menos 10, comuníquese con Luisa Ferreira por correo electrónico

Refresher required every:

730 days