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Technical Contacts

(Revised 5/13/20)

Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk
General Questions Administrative Staff 5-3960
Compliance Officer Program Miriam Sharp 5-3975
Campus Greening Activities Scott Lupin 5-3968


Occupational Safety and Health
General Questions Kate Cavanaugh 5-2887
Indoor Air Quality Investigations Kate Cavanaugh 5-2877
Asbestos Program Management Kate Cavanaugh 5-2887
Lead Program Management Kate Cavanaugh 5-2887
Respiratory Protection Kate Cavanaugh 5-3965
Hearing Conservation/Noise Monitoring Kate Cavanaugh 5-3965
Ergonomics Kate Cavanaugh 5-3965
Confined Space Entry Kate Cavanaugh 5-3965
Fall Protection Michael Stumpo 5-3982
Lock-out/Tagout Michael Stumpo 5-3982
Work-related Injuries Phyllis Dailey 5-4566
Scaffolding Kate Cavanaugh  5-2887  
Electrical Safety Kate Cavanaugh 5-3965


Environmental Affairs
General Questions Jason Baer 5-3163
Chemical Fuel Spills EA On-Call Person 5-3960
Tanks and Fuel Systems Kaitlyn Peterson 5-8604
Stormwater/NPDES Kaitlyn Peterson 5-8604
Hazardous Waste Kevin Curtis 5-3162
Radioactive Waste Elliot Keith 5-3983
Biological Waste Vacant 5-3983
Universal Waste (Batteries, Lamps, Oil) Garpue Cephas 5-3984
Soil and Groundwater Assessments Scott Lupin
Jason Baer
Air Quality Samantha Brodsky 5-7016
Pollution Prevention Kaitlyn Peterson 5-8604
Spill Prevention Control (SPCC) Kaitlyn Peterson 5-8604
Site Development Scott Lupin
Jason Baer


General Questions Scott Lupin
Mark Stewart


General Questions Sherry Bohn 5-3975
Bloodborne Pathogens Kate Cavanaugh 5-3965
Shipping Infectious Agents Amanda Perlman 5-6513
Biosafety Cabinet Repairs and Certification Amanda Perlman 5-6513
Permits and Select Agents Sherry Bohn 5-3975
Registering Research & IBC Approval Sherry Bohn 5-3975
Biological Waste Disposal Amanda Perlman 5-6513
Biological Waste Pick-Up Kevin Curtis 5-3162
Autoclaves Amanda Perlman 5-6513
Biological Safety Training Amanda Perlman 5-6513


Laboratory Safety
All laboratory safety related questions, including:
  • Laboratory safety training
  • Laboratory exposure assessments
  • Reproductive hazard assessments
  • New laboratory design/ laboratory renovation
  • Compressed gas and cryogenic fluid safety
  • Controlled substances
  • Funding agency safety requirements (DOD Facility Safety Plan, DOE Environmental Questionnaire, etc.)
  • New PI consultation
  • Vacating lab consultation
Miriam Sharp 5-2070
Laboratory ventilation and safety equipment questions, including:
  • Fume hoods
  • Ventilated gas cabinets
  • Canopy hoods
  • Eyewashes
  • Safety showers
  • Personal protective equipment
Miriam Sharp 5-2070
Diving and Boating Safety Joshua Dykman 5-3960
Chemical Waste Management Kevin Curtis 5-3162
Field Safety Miriam Sharp 5-2070
Laboratory Safety Inspections Miriam Sharp 5-2070
Laboratory Signage Miriam Sharp 5-2070
IBBR Research Safety and Hazardous Waste Management Sherry Bohn 5-3975


Radiation Safety
All radiation safety related questions including:
  • Licensing, inspections & audits
  • Setting up a new radioactive material authorization (New PIs)
  • Setting up a new Lab
  • Adding/Changing Experimental Approvals
  • Dosimetry
  • Using radioactive material/radiation safety training
  • Closeout of Labs
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Outgoing Shipments
Alan Jacobson 5-1396
Placing radioactive material orders and order status Tracy Boardman 5-5715
X-Ray machine questions including:
  • Registrations and inspections
  • Setting up a new machine and relocating existing machines
  • Dosimetry
  • X-Ray Radiation Safety Training
Steve Hand 5-3985
Laser Safety Steve Hand 5-3985
Non-Ionizing Radiation Steve Hand 5-3985


Risk Management
General Questions Katharine Peeling 5-3965
Workers Compensation Phyllis Dailey 5-5466
Insurance Andreas Dangin 5-2384


Fire Marshal's Office
General Questions Alan Sactor 5-3970
Fire Safety Education Luisa Ferreira 5-3969
Fire Incident Alan Sactor 5-3970
Public Assembly / Events Luisa Ferreira
Matt Hicks
Fire Inspections William Guffey 5-7489
Plan Review & Construction Keith Lippincott 5-7487
Fire Drills Luisa Ferreira
Matt Hicks
Permits (Hot Work, Open Fire, Pyrotechnic, etc.) Alan Sactor 5-3970