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Asbestos Supervisors

The individuals at the University of Maryland, responsible for supervising small-scale asbestos abatement activities (quantities of asbestos no greater than three square feet or three linear feet). Specific duties include:

  1. Completes 40-hour EPA-accredited training course (8-hour annual retraining) provided by an accredited training provider,
  2. Assumes OSHA-defined role of "competent person" during supervision of affected asbestos abatement,
  3. Establishes levels of containment, engineering controls and work practices at initiation of job,
  4. Identifies existing asbestos hazards in the workplace,
  5. Selects appropriate control strategy to minimize or eliminate asbestos exposure,
  6. Conducts hazard assessments for each abatement activity, and
  7. Conducts inspection of each job to verify adequacy