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Asbestos Program Manager

The individual at University of Maryland with overall responsibility for implementation of asbestos management and policy issues. This individual reports to the facility head and has the following specific duties:

  1. Completes and maintains accreditation as Asbestos Building Inspector and Management Planner,
  2. Prepares prioritization budget requests for asbestos abatement projects at UMD,
  3. Prepares status and prioritization reports for the departmental coordinator and facility head.
  4. Develops a management plan for handling Asbestos- Containing Materials (ACM) at the facility,
  5. Ensures and reviews periodic surveillance of all ACM,
  6. Ensures that all facility asbestos workers are trained and medically monitored,
  7. Ensures that employees are notified of personal sampling results,
  8. Works with facility managers on public relation matters,
  9. Ensures that asbestos waste is properly containerized, stored and transported to an approved landfill, and
  10. Ensures maintenance of asbestos records on surveillance and management.