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Camps and Youth Programs

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The University of Maryland is committed to the safety of all individuals in its community. Procedures and guidelines have been established for those in the University community, including faculty, staff, appointees, students, student employees, graduate associates, and volunteers, who may work or interact with non-student individuals under 18 years of age, with the goal of promoting the safety and wellbeing of minors.  Information below provides templates and guidance for the Management of Minors on UMD. 

These procedures and guidelines do not apply to general public events where parents/guardians retain care, custody and control of the minors and are expected to provide adequate supervision.  The University expects parents or guardians to provide supervision over minors on campus unless they are involved in an activity or program with minors.

CPR & First Aid Training

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene requires that at least 2 adults be CPR/First Aid certified while on duty during camp.

CPR/First Aid training classes required for all Camps and Youth Program personnel are available through University Recreation & Wellness at the Eppley Recreation Center at the rate of $80/person. Please contact Mary Mires at or 301-226-4409 for class dates and times.

Child Protective Services Required Forms

A Child Protective Services (CPS) form is required from all camp employees. It must be completely filled out, notarized and sent to Jennifer Rous for processing. *Please note there is new updated information.*

  1. The State of Maryland has a new process for CPS forms.  Please follow the instructions on the linked document.
  2. In Part III, both 1 & 2 should be checked off and "Tiffany Moore" written in the blank space as indicated on the form. 
  3. Please send this form to Office of Risk Management as soon as possible once notarized as they take longer to process. If sending from on-campus, use:

Jennifer Rous
Office of Risk Management
Seneca Building #812
4716 Pontiac Street, Suite 0103

If sending from off-campus, use:

Jennifer Rous
University of Maryland
Office of Risk Management
Seneca Building #812
4716 Pontiac Street, Suite 0103
College Park, MD 20742



UMD forms

DHMD Forms

Reporting suspected child sexual abuse and neglect

USM Policy on the Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect

Report Suspected Child Sexual Abuse or Neglect to the Department of Public Safety at 301-405-3333