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SAFE Initiative

The Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk is proud to announce the SAFE initiative.

This initiative is designed to help promote a positive safety culture by providing a series of events focused on each of the four pillars of safety:

Skills: Developing skills for safe research

Application: Making safety improvements in the laboratory

Foundation: Using safe practices as a foundation for professional success

Engagement: Encouraging active participation in improving safety awareness and practice

If you are interested in working with ESSR to develop an event for your department, please email

SAFE Events:

Skills: Invited Speaker "Accounting for Chemical Reactivity in Experimental Design: Safety and Strategies," Invited Speaker, Spring 2017 (Please email for more information on this event.)

Application: Great Chemistry Lab Clean-Out - July 11-15, 2016 

Foundation: Invited Panel and Networking Reception “Managing Safety in Academia, Industry, and Government Laboratories: Expectations for Chemistry Graduates Entering the Workforce,” held April 26, 2017 

Engagement: Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Safety Video Contest, held in June, 2016

Video contest winners:

1st Place: Paul Diss, Mullin Lab, Department of Chemistry “Cryogen Safety”

Video contest winner

2nd Place: Samantha Nowak, Sita Lab, Department of Chemistry “Gas Cylinder Safety”

Video contest runner up