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Accelerator Registrant


Accelerator Registrant


Thomas E. Long
Radiation Safety Officer


State of Maryland Application for Certification and Registration of Accelerator

Attached is a copy of the State of Maryland MDE RX 3 Form for registration and certification application of an accelerator.

Most of the form will be filled out by the Radiation Safety Office (RSO). There are portions of the form requirements that can only be supplied by the applicant. Specifically:


Items 1a through 3 - RSO

Item 4. . By applicant

Item 5. . All by applicant except a, d, e, i, k(N/A).

Item 6. . By applicant

Item 7. - RSO

As soon as this information is available, submit it to the RSO for completion of the State Application Form. After receipt, the RSO will schedule a required University of Maryland inspection of the facility and complete the RSO X-1 survey form. This form is comprised of the state regulation requirements that are indicated in the University of Maryland Radiation Safety Manual Supplement. A "State Qualified Inspector" (SQI) will be contracted to inspect the installed equipment. His inspection (to date) essentially duplicates the University of Maryland inspection, however, he completes forms for the State that they require and can only be done by him.

The State imposes a yearly fee of $200.00 for each accelerator in operation at a site. Additionally, the SQI is an independent contractor, and has charged on the average $225.00 a year for the inspection and submission of appropriate forms for the yearly certification requirements.

If there are any questions, please call me at (301) 314-8336.

RSO 009A