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BioRAFT Facilities Module

ESSR is excited to announce the implementation of the BioRAFT Facilities Module. This will be used to manage ESSR’s training records for UMD staff. UMD Researcher's training records have been managed in BioRAFT. ESSR training records for all UMD staff will soon be in BioRAFT. More information, including instructions will be available once this implementation is complete.

  • All online training are now being hosted on BioRAFT.
  • Registration for our classroom training is now being done in BioRAFT.
  • Online records have been transferred into BioRAFT.
  • Classroom records migration is in progress.
  • BioRAFT will allow managers to see their employee’s training records. (Note: Manager's add members to their group.)

BioRAFT offers additional features such as inspection tracking, which ESSR may be able to offer to the full UMD community in the future. Stay tuned for future updates.

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