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Application for Possession and Use of Radioactive Materials

University of Maryland
Radiation Safety Office
College Park, Maryland

Application for Possession and Use of Radioactive Materials

1. Name of Individual User:     2. Telephone:    3. Date:

4. Department:

5. Building where you will be using Radioactive Material:
       List Room(s) in which you will:


  1. Store radioactive material:


  2. Use radioactive material:


  3. Count/analyze radioactive material:


  4. Temporarily store radioactive waste:


  5. Store radioactive waste until collected:
6. Isotopes to be used: 7. Chemical/Physical Form 8. Possession
   Limit by Nuclide: 



9. Chemical, biological and radiation hazards involved:




10. Type of hood(s), air flow, filters, and ventilation in laboratory by room No.:




11. Make and model of all radiation detection instruments available for your use and method and frequency
     of calibration:



12. Method and frequency of monitoring your work are for possible contamination:




13. Type of security to avoid loss or theft of radioactive material:




RSO C-1 Rev. 3/93
14. Type of containers to be used for radioactive waste: ( Will be supplied by Environmental Safety,
     Hazardous Waste Opns based on your needs as reflected in Item 14. above and as requested to HWO):





15. Attach complete protocol(s) of your investigation (include amount of activity to be used per experiment or



16. Detail how you plan to control each hazard listed in Item 9. above:












17. Type and approximate volume of radioactive waste generated per month:
      (be specific)






For Use by the Radiation Safety Office

Date Received:

Conditional Approval:

Committee Approval:

Signature Principal Investigator



Signature of Department Chair



RSO C-1 Rev. 3/93


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